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I followed the plan, and got the result I wanted

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A bad end to a productive day, United getting knocked out of Europe – again!

On a more positive note, Yesterday, I had a project hanging over my head. A project that I needed to get done by the end of the week. I didn’t really know where to start as it was slightly techy, which is one of my weak areas.
So in a one hour break from training my lovely, yet sweaty Bootcampers and PT clients, I told myself to sit down and follow the guys instructions step by step. 30 minutes of actually listening to the expert and not trying to take short cuts it all fell into place.
You see, my friend,  a lesson learned – follow a plan consistently, do what you’re asked and you will get your rewards.
People come and join My Bootcamp and PT programmes because they want results. They’re fed up with feeling unfit, stressed and overweight.
You may feel like they did
Finding exercising regularly and eating healthy difficult to maintain and often given up.
Finding it hard to find the motivation to get to the gym on a regular basis (a glass of wine is way more tempting),
Confused by all the rubbish media ‘science’ out there
Well,  they joined my programme, they do the work I set them (most of the time!), they work with me to set new behaviours – they get results!
If you want to look good and feel great – give me a shout!
Daniel Wellard, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist
Email: admin@physio4life.co.uk

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