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Important P4L Updates!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update in light of the Coronavirus. Firstly, we are definitely open until told otherwise. This is obviously a difficult for everyone, so we want to try keep some normality in people’s daily lives. But it is extremely important to be mindful of the situation presented and the guidelines given to ensure public safety.

We are doing all we can to ensure your health is our top priority and are making sure everyone is washing their hands when coming in and out of the premise is a must. The GP practice below are refusing to accept anyone with any of the symptoms of coronavirus and everything is being cleaned regularly, especially door handles, card terminals and all gym and pilates equipment.

Our PT has started to go LIVE with Zoom Bootcamp Sessions, which is a great way to keep up with your daily routine or consider taking up a new one! This also means, we are limiting group sessions to max 6 people per class, to ensure social distancing guidelines are applied.

Pilates should continue as normal, unless told otherwise. Again, we have limited the class sizes to 2 people per core reform class and 3 people per mat class.

Feel free to bring your own mats, towels and gear!!!

You will also still get to have your favourite Massage, and again, same precautions are taken and tailored for each service. Towels are being replaced per treatment, hands are being washed and sanitized before and after, tables are being covered with replaceable couch roll – and more importantly, the treatment is very much facing down – and so face to face interaction is limited. If you prefer to bring your own towels, face masks or anything that will make your more comfortable, please do.

Although Hand Sanitiser has been difficult to come by, reception team are sharing their own supply, so please ask, if not already offered! We also have enough toilet paper, so you shouldn’t feel worried about that either!

We know this is such a turbulent time for everyone and we just want to tell you how grateful we are for all of your continued support. We really do hope to see you soon and wish you health and happiness!

We will continue our offers, so stay tuned and read below!

Warm Wishes

Physio4life Team



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