Intentions Are Everything By Faye Burge Senior Physiotherapist

Intentions are everything but with out actions they are merely intentions…

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Prioritize The school holidays are upon us, the kids need organising and despite it only being week one of 7 (or in some cases 9) glorious weeks with your angels  you are already slightly at your wits end.  Any possible thoughts of self and the need to do your rehab are long gone.


   Just remember intentions are everything but with out actions they are merely intentions.
So as hard as it is to pull your self away to tackle the rehab head on just remember it’s just like brushing your teeth; a needs must to keep you ticking over and a total disaster zone if you fail to complete the task. The key to not getting that frowny face from your favourite “physical terrorist” is to make your rehab part of every day life. Balance tasks become waiting on the kettle to boil, doing hair and if you’re hard core even attempting your eyeliner. One of my clients uses her rehab as “mummy boot camp” with the kids. All three of them have their own mat and practise stretches together. The only down side is the kids get to decide the music of choice…well, who doesn’t like the Frozen sound track on repeat, for twenty minutes?!? So one concludes, make it fun, interesting and get the family involved.

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