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“first impression is always important – and I’ve always received a warm and professional welcome at Physio4Life”

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The first impression is always important – and I’ve always received a warm and professional welcome at Physio4Life, both from the very friendly and efficient reception staff and from Faye Burge, my physiotherapist. I have been seeing Faye for a variety of different but inter-related musculo-skeletal problems. As a health-care professional myself, I really valued Faye’s detailed phone assessment of my injuries and history. Speaking to Faye before coming to my first appointment meant that I had an idea of what to expect both in terms of a treatment plan as well as Faye’s level of expertise.

The advantages for me in seeing a physiotherapist at Physio4Life include the range of therapeutic interventions that I can have. These include musculo-skeletal assessment and exercises to continue at home, clinical pilates input and advice, and clinical massage and acupuncture to help with pain and stiffness. The fact that Faye can choose between different approaches depending on her assessment at each appointment is very important and means she can adapt to whatever my situation might be in that week, as well as thinking ahead to future exercises. I have had quite a lot of physiotherapy in the past so really appreciate Faye’s consistent but ever-evolving input.

Physiotherapy Client, Physio4Life

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