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Is Foam Rolling A Part of Your Regime? – By Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

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Is foam rolling apart of your regime?

After exercise muscle soreness and tightness is not uncommon. Self myofascial release (SMFR) and massage is emerging as a popular technique used to decrease muscle soreness, improve flexibility, aid in recovery and assist in performance.

Research indicates that foam rolling has a direct impact on myofascial tightness to increase joint range of motion and local blood flow, allowing soft tissue to become less tense, softer and more pliable. Studies have suggested that foam rolling can also have an effect on power, agility, strength and speed.

Recommendations for SMFR is 2-5 sets of 30-60 seconds. I try to incorporate SMFR using foam rolling and trigger point balls after most exercise sessions. If I have any aching in my knees before exercising 5 minutes on each ITB usually fixes this problem.

If you have not been using a foam roller or trigger point ball and have tightness in your legs or back maybe it’s time to give it a try.

  • Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

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