Knowing When It’s The Right Time To Change Your Running Shoes

Knowing when it’s the right time to change your running shoes

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When should you consider changing  your running Shoes?

I have recently purchased a brand new pair of running shoes and when I first put them on it was like walking on pillows. I hadn’t realised how bad the other ones had got.

I normally upgrade my trainers every 6 months due to the amount of miles and training that I do. But how do you know when it’s time to purchase your new ‘runners’???

What I found, through discussions with colleagues and researching the internet, is that you should change your running shoes every 450-500 miles. You can look at the sole and tread of the shoe for wear and tear. Also, check if the innersole is compressed, or if you have broken through the mesh uppers.

Over time your shoes start to lose their support, cushioning and shock absorption qualities. If you continue to run in worn out shoes you may start to increase the stress and impact on your feet and joints throughout the body and may also lead to overuse injuries. Listen to those niggles that you may be experiencing, it may be a warning sign

If you are also interested to know what your feet actually do during walking and running, the clinic offers Biomechanical Assessments. Through real-time Gait Analysis a picture is formed of where you are putting the pressure through your feet and possibly where you may be over loading certain structures in the foot. Biomechanical Assessment can really help identify problems. This is a unique service that is beneficial to all runners, regardless of ability or age.

If you are starting to train for the Marathon, now is a great time to come in and speak to our experts, so that we can help you stay safe throughout training and achieve optimal running performance. Telephone: 020 8704 5998, or message the team here today.

By Rebecca Lang
Senior Chartered Physiotherapist



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