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Marathon Runners It’s That Time Of Year Again!!

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Your marathon training whether it be for the Paris, London, Rome, Madrid or another marathon your training should be well underway, but it isn’t easy…

Dragging yourself out of bed on a cold winter’s morning is only the first hurdle… You need to commit yourself to the intense training programme of approx. 3 runs a week and ideally 2-3 strength sessions on top of this.

Make sure you prioritise those strength sessions too and get yourself a foam roller if you don’t have one already. The gym may not be where you like going, but there is still a lot of stuff that you can do at home to prevent the injuries occurring in terms of strength.

If you are starting to feel even the slightest niggle that isn’t easing within a day or two get yourself to a physio. The quicker you attack the problem the quicker it will go.

Below are just a few exercises you can try as part of your strength routine whether it be at home or in the gym

  • Clams
  • Glut bridge (Double of single leg)
  • Foam foller ITB, calves and outside of quads
  • Crab walks with theraband
  • Single leg sit to stand from chair/bench
  • Single leg step up to balance

None of the above exercises should cause you pain. Throughout doing them you must make sure your pelvis stays level on the strength ones. On the roller exercises, find a sore point and stay on it until it eases.

Happy running, and we always are here if you need any advice!  Simply call 020 8704 5998, or email

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