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Motivating Words from a Nutrition Client by Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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nutribulletHello guys,

I wanted to share with you a lovely email I received of this lady I helped.

She is in her late 30’s and came to me because she was fed up with being overweight.  This meant she was uncomfortable with her body, was conscious with the way she looked when she went out, plus she had felt sluggish a lot of the time.

She wanted to stop feeling like this and took the plunge to see me.

Before she left London for a few months, I met her for a one to one nutrition consultation. During which, I looked at her current eating regime and changed several things that would have a big effect on weight loss, plus her energy.

Feel the love from this client.


I am abroad currently, but before I left london in July I met with you for some recommendations ..these tips are my bible!

I would like to inform you that I lost so much weight since then, and it is so surreal for me (a big thank you to you!)…

I was 66 Kg and now I am 59 Kg, I almost lost a size…I feel much better in my own skin now…I am hearing so many compliments from everybody ( friends and family), however, I still want to loose another 5 kg by Christmas…not sure if it is possible, but I will follow your list, so I am in for the challenge!!!

My husband was jealous of me (! hehe), and now he has met you twice, I think he is on the right track  to lose some of the extra weight.( a big thank you for that as well!)….

…I thought I will share my news, and I have some challenges when I have my meals with my two and half year old daughter….but the challenge is on…

Thank you for all the encouragement !!!

Happy Health

Daniel Wellard


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