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“My wife said I’m the fittest I’ve ever been”

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When is this warm spring weather going to arrive? I’m standing waiting for my train, seeing the white of my breath, hit the cold Croydon Air. I remember as kids we use to pretend to smoke, and blow this air into the atmosphere.
Anyway, as I stand here, I can feel my very tired legs. Tired from 3 days in a row of legs based exercise.
You’re rightly thinking, that’s what I should be doing as a Personal Trainer, but I normally split my training days into an upper body day, lower body day and high intensity intervals. And I’m 40!
I’m doing lots of lower body because I’ve been instructed by the physio to lay off upper body exercise.  My elbow is still giving me a bit of jip.
Once the physio took the needles out of my arm, that were there to release the very tight muscles, she gave me a stretching and massage plan to follow.
‘AND NO UPPER BODY WORK!’ She said sternly.
I walk out her room, deflated that I can’t train upper body, but optimistic that if I do the work, the pain will go away!
You see, my friend, this is very similar to the process  I set all the guys on my Bootcamp and PT programmes to follow.
Most of them join the programme because their pain (like my elbow) is being fed up with   feeling unfit and overweight. They wanted to someone to show them how to exercise and  how to eat right to get rid of their pain.

We set out a plan….

– follow a fat burning, metabolic boosting training programme, which includes coming to my small group PT sessions, twice a week (minimum).
– follow the nutritional behaviours we set in our one to one consultations.
When they follow the plan, with consistency they get rid of their pain. They lose weight, they get fit, but most importantly they feel fantastic.
Yesterday, Craig, one of my guys who has been coming for 3 years said ‘my wife said to me that I’m the first I’ve ever been’
For me, the next time I see the physio, I would have done the work she set and hopefully my pain would have gone!
For you, if you want to look good and feel great, and you need someone to show you the way –  give me a shout by calling 0208 704 5988 or using the contact form below. We can have a chat to discuss your goals and set you a plan.

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