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Orthopaedic Consultant, Kumar Kunasingam, Meets the Team !

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On a glorious summers afternoon I was delighted to bike over from the Schoen Clinic on Wigmore Street to 125, Upper Richmond Road to meet the energetic team at Physio4life as well as having a private tour of their first class facilities!

Firstly I’m incredibly grateful for the team taking time out of what is clearly a busy schedule judging from the calm bustle of the phones chiming in chorus in the office. I was able to hear first-hand the back room staff waxing lyrical with patients either pre or post treatments. The sentiment behind these conversations was one of value and care and I was excited to meet the clinical team and discuss some current foot and ankle problems and solutions as only a foot and ankle geek like I can.

Taken from reception down the esteemed corridor I was surrounded by the jerseys of sporting elite that had been treated here in the past. Off the main corridor before the well kitted out gym I was greeted by the clinical team in one of the treatment rooms which was airy and spacious enough to hold around 10 of us comfortably. I saw the treatment rooms were all the same size and was impressed by their space being more than adequate to create an atmosphere of calm and healing.

My ‘discussions’ on orthopaedics around foot and ankle can be quite passionate especially when discussing keyhole/minimally invasive techniques around keyhole bunion and keyhole arthritis work. It was great to see so much interest in the room and international experience and knowledge spanning a multitude of sports and rehabilitation from elective surgery. I felt the knowledge level was incredibly high and questions and discussion around injuries, diagnosis and management with a keen focus on what is best for the patient both from a rapid recovery and cost effective view were on point!

It is clear we shared a mutual feeling of how patients present mostly due to the busy nature of life as often quite late after injury. This presents challenges to both me as an orthopaedic surgeon and the clinical team in terms of rehabilitation. This is when a clinical assessment often comes hand in hand with imaging to help confirm the injury and often predict how long it can cause trouble. An MRI scan is incredibly helpful for helping with this. It also highlighted how good access to each other as surgeons and physiotherapists who communicate will get their patients back from injury much faster. 

In my personal practice I feel strongly that in the majority of cases good physiotherapy is crucial to safe and rapid recovery. I also advise patients who are not insured to make the investment into good physiotherapy and in some cases travel to make it work best. All injuries are different and recoveries should be bespoke. I’m looking forward to seeing the team individually and was again grateful to their enquiries about coming to surgery over the next few weeks so they can see some of my surgeries especially the keyhole bunions, keyhole ankle surgery and Achilles tendon surgery allowing for rapid rehabilitation. I was also able to go over some of the data I have collected about keyhole bunion surgery as well as share the experiences I have had presenting this data internationally and teaching about and around foot and ankle trauma surgery and keyhole bunion surgery that show excellent satisfaction scores. 

You don’t have to be an athlete to want to get better quickly. Most of my protocols after surgery allow for immediate weight bearing and I try and allow patients to wash and carry on with the things we take for granted in life as soon as possible.

I finished my tour by going to both the pilates gym and more traditional gym weights and rehab gym setting. Both were immaculate and I am considering a circuit or two with their personal training team on my next trip- followed by maybe a sports massage. Their range of therapies may start at physiotherapy but it certainly doesn’t end there! 

I’d totally endorse and recommend this team. They have a clear passion for their patients and it was really great to talk about some things that are quite unique in terms of modern foot and ankle surgery!

Thank you for having me over and I look forward to working closely with you and doing my best for your patients!

If you’d like to know more about Mr Kunasingam’s surgeries or arrange to have an appointment please call Diane on 0203 862 3990 or directly to the Schoen clinic on 0203 929 0809.

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