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Take the pain out of running with prescription orthotics

Exercising is tough enough without being in constant pain. Orthotics can reduce stress on the body, protect against injuries and even improve performance by correcting the alignment of your feet.

Orthotics London

orthotics london Do you experience discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back or neck when you head out for a jog? Is it preventing you from getting the best out of your exercise routine, or has it even stopped you from playing sports altogether? Many common injuries and niggles can be traced back to imbalances in your feet that cause problems in your gait. Book an appointment with the biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic at Physio4Life and we can fit you for custom built insoles called orthotics to take the pain out of your exercise routine and allow you to push yourself harder than ever.

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What can prescription orthotics do for you?

By aligning your feet correctly, prescription orthotics reduce the stress on the body caused by running, walking or even just standing for long periods of time. Muscles, ligaments and bones are all subject to the shock of impact when you exercise, and an imbalance in your gait can quickly cause wear and tear if you are an active person. Addressing alignment issues can help to keep your body in better shape, leaving you more comfortable when moving about and more confident in your body’s ability to withstand a tough exercise regime. Orthotics can even make the transfer of energy through your feet more efficiently when running or cycling, helping you to optimise your performance.

If you suffer from bunions, hammer toes, arch pain, heel pain or regular localised foot pain then get in touch and we can give you advice on how orthotics could be helping you, too.


Will any insoles do?

No. Most generic insoles bought in shops are made of polypropylene, which can flatten out under constant pressure and become ineffective very quickly. Shop-bought insoles aren’t shaped to fit your individual feet and this can actually make gait problem worse and leave you prone to injury. While sports shops now regularly offer gait analysis in helping customers choose running shoe or cross trainer, they are not able to offer the accuracy of testing or the personalised prescription you need to ensure the perfect fit.


We use TOG Orthotics

tog orthotics londonAt Physio4Life every orthotic we prescribe is uniquely shaped to follow the contours of your feet so that our footwear works in harmony with your body. All of our custom built insoles are manufactured from memory flex plastic by TOG – the world leader in orthotic foot insoles. TOG orthotics maintain their shape and improve your gait, whether you exercise once a month or once a day. We carry out biomechanical and gait analysis using state-of-the-art digital software and the TOG GaitScan System™ and we offer a free 6-month check-up as part of our service. Every bespoke orthotic insole we prescribe also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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