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Orthotics London

Prescription Orthotics, Custom Fit Orthotics London

Physio4Life is a specialist biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic in London prescribing orthotics. These medical insoles (orthotics) are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. They help to reduce stress on the feet, knees, hips and lower back during everyday activities like walking, running, cycling and even while standing still. They work in a similar way to braces on your teeth, by gently exerting pressure on your feet to bring them back into proper alignment. Once your feet are working in the way they were designed to there will be reduced muscle strain, as the body does not have to try to control the poor mechanics, and shock absorption will be improved. Runners, athletes and sports people have noticed considerable improvement in performance from wearing bespoke orthotics.

TOG Orthotics London

Orthotics London

The orthotics we prescribe are manufactured by TOG who is the world leader in custom designed, high quality Orthotic foot insoles. They are made from unique memory flex plastics to meet your individual foot care needs (unlike most generic insoles, which tend to be made from polypropylene that has a short life span and flattens under constant stress). Each individual insole is prescribed following an in-depth Biomechanical Analysis that incorporates the high technology of the Quintic digital video software along with TOG GaitScan™ System.

All of our high quality bespoke orthotics has a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event of any problem we will happily re-examine and refit your orthotics free of charge. We also offer a full 6 month free follow-up service to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.

How do I know if I need Orthotics?

There are several ways in which you can tell if you have faulty foot mechanics, and could therefore benefit from a pair of custom made orthotics. These include experiencing the following symptoms:

Localized foot pain
Bunions or hammer toes
Arch or heel pain
Leg or knee pain
Hip, back or even neck pain


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