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Physiotherapy and Women’s Health

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Physiotherapy can assist women with a wide range of physical problems that may be experienced during life or when pregnant.


Common complaints that can be treated include:


  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Sacro-iliac pain, pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Carpal tunnel and wrist pain
  • Rectus diastases
  • Stress & urge incontinence or minor prolapse in pelvic area
  • Shoulder dysfunction post mastectomy
  • Thoracic pain


Antenatal Physiotherapy


A number of factors contribute to muscle and joint problems during pregnancy. Primarily, the release of the hormone relaxing from about ten week’s gestation, which loosens ligaments through the body but especially around the pelvis. An exaggeration of the lumbar lordosis (curve) can also occur to compensate for the change in the bodies centre of gravity. This may lead to a weakening of the pelvic ­floor and lower abdominal area due to hormonal changes and muscles stretching.


Post-mastectomy Shoulder Dysfunction


Another client group which physiotherapy may be able to assist is women experiencing shoulder dysfunction after surgery. Up to 67% of women may experience restricted
range of motion limiting daily activities, upper limb weakness or pain, affecting their quality of life. A range of physiotherapy directed manual therapy techniques may be appropriate to assist with addressing these issues.


Gynecological Physiotherapy


Specialized physiotherapy can also assist with stress incontinence, bladder control problems and weak pelvic floor muscles. This often involves an assessment and re-education of the pelvic ­floor muscles, specialist advice and education following gynecological surgery. If you have any further questions regarding any information mentioned in this article, please email admin@physio4life or call 0208 704 5998.

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