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Are you suffering from acute or chronic neck pain? If so speak to our neck pain specialists in Putney for immediate answers and relief from neck pain.

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Could be grouped in the same category as lower back pain as it can be similar complaints that cause you to come and see us, but just in a different area. Neck pain, like lower back pain can be caused by long hours of sitting at a desk and poor posture. A typical rolled shoulders and pokey chin posture, being drawn into the computer wrapped up in your work. As well as postural there are other reasons for neck pain like a slipped disc, which would also give you neural symptoms into your arm and hands or facet joint irritation, which can be very common as your neck is more mobile than your back and the joint is more easily compressed to one side.

Neck Pain Treatment in Putney

We see a number of different patients with neck pain and headaches all of which we test and treat accordingly and provide a home exercise programme for, returning them to their pre-set goals.

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