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Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Treatment Putney

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Putney Physio Mark Saunders discusses the physiotherapists role in sports medicine & treating sport injuries.


what’s involved with physiotherapy treatment


Physiotherapist’s Role in Sports Injuries

Sport is a rapidly expanding within modern society. However whilst the benefits to health, which regular exercise can provide, are the  subject for many a media story there exists the possibility of injury which can have an debilitating effect not only on a person’s physical capacity but also their metal state.


Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in the accurate assessment and management of sports injuries by implementing progressive, sports-specific rehabilitation from injury or surgery, in the shortest possible time, whilst prevent further injury from occurring.


A Chartered Physiotherapist has a broad array of evidence-based management approaches from which to choose. However primarily a accurate and detailed history must be taken in order to establish the mechanism of injury, time-scale and potentially damaged structures.


Sports injuries & Trauma

maybe traumatic, for example a fracture to an arm or leg, or non-traumatic- the pain or discomfort reported came on over time. The former will tend to have a clear mechanism of injury in the history whilst the later may be as a result of overuse or biomechanical dysfunction.


It is critical therefore to establish the cause of the athletesdiscomfort so that management may be designed to address whole body rehabilitation with the goal of returning to sport at the same level or ideally a degree fitter than previously experienced.


The vital aspect of all rehabilitation from a sporting injury is that it must be sports specific. The Chartered Physiotherapistmust work together with the patient to establish not only the goals and time frame of treatment and rehabilitation but also the demands placed on the patient’s body through the undertaking of their chosen sport so that late stage rehabilitation can recreate similar demands in a controlled setting.


Physio4Life employs specialist sport injury clinicians who, with the use of the excellent rehabilitation facilities, have successfully worked with thousands of athletes from all ability levels to aid recovery whilst ensuring a high level of conditioning to produce a seamless transition back into their chosen sport.


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