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Physiotherapy Vs Chiropractic & Osteopathic Care  

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We discuss the often talked about Physiotherapy Vs Chiropractic & Osteopathic Care.

osteopathy vs physiotherapyPhysiotherapy is as a profession highly dependent on peer reviewed, published evidence and research findings, upon which they base their treatment.

A specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist’s training will encompass all principles used by both osteopaths and chiropractors whilst greatly exceeding them, allowing physiotherapists to offer a wider and more diverse range of evidence based treatment and assessment methods whilst still incorporating the principles of osteopathy and chiropractic care in their management of patients.


The Physio4Life team encompasses only specialist and consultant level musculoskeletal physiotherapists who between them bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the clinic allowing prospective patients to be screened and assigned to the most appropriate clinician. Their skills include the ability to spinally manipulate whilst additionally incorporating a classic osteopathic approach to conditions such as pelvic dysfunction and post partum symptoms.

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