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Quit With The Excuses

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daniel wellard personal trainer putneyMe and DIY……….
What happens, is this – I get asked by Mrs Wellard to do this or that. I say ‘I’ll do it later’.
10 minutes later she asks again. I say ‘I’ll do it later’.
20 minutes later she asks again. I say ‘I’ll do it later’.
Then she asks again, and I say – ‘STOP NAGGING!
What’s really happening is that I am procrastinating. That’s because I don’t like it. I’m not that good at it, and it always ends in expletives.

‘Cover your ears’ – she says to our boys.

A few weeks ago, we brought some toilet roll holders, towel rail, shower glass shelf, mirrored bathroom cabinet and a mirror. This all needed to be put up in our toilets and bathrooms. Drilling holes through tiles – very frightening.
So, yesterday I said to myself, I’ll just do the toilet roll holders….and once I got warmed up I did it all. I was on a roll!!!

What’s this got to do with exercise.?

Well, many ( including myself) do the same when it comes to exercise. I’ll do it later. I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start Monday.
But once we get to the gym, once we start exercising, it’s not so bad, and we might actually enjoy it. We just needed to warm up.
But what happens to many, is they don’t get their foot through the door. They walk pass the gym. This is Because, it’s hard, it hurts and going home for a glass of wine is much more appealing after a tough day.
Having a coach, having a trainer, really helps get your foot through the door.
I’ve heard this many times from the guys who I train.
‘I really didn’t want to come today, but I’m glad I did’
‘If I didn’t have this appointment, I wouldn’t come’
Before the session, I could have gone back to bed, but now I feel so much better’
As well as nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, toning and fat loss training sessions, one key reason why so many love my bootcamps and PT sessions is because they are accountable to me. They have an appointment in the diary every week, they have to come!
Therefore they come each week, and feel fit,  have more energy to deal with fast pace modern life, and look great.
If you are fed up with feeling tired, stressed, unhappy with your body and want to become slimmer, have lots of energy and look fabulous contact me at admin@physio4life.co.uk or 0208 7045998 for a free, no obligation, strategy call.

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