Readiness For Change! – September Will Bring Focus On Fresh Targets

September will bring a focus on fresh targets, what are yours?

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There are only 3 and a bit weeks left of the summer holidays. Those who have kids, or have had kids know exactly what I am talking about. Our year is based around School term dates. Even those who don’t have kids can’t escape the feeling that we will soon be clear of the summer hols and back to normality.


September brings a focus on fresh targets, or a refocus on the targets which you have been attempting all year.


For many people, over the last few weeks , mindset naturally shifts and your exercise/nutrition lifestyle has been a little less strict. This is perfectly normal. More parties, more dinners out, more ice creams. However, you will probably be feeling a little fatter, a little more sluggish, and an urge to get back to exercise and eating right.


If you want to get back to doing exercise frequently. Getting back to feeling fit and full of energy. Shifting that bit of extra bulge that may have crept on over the last few months.


One of the first things to do is book in for a consultation with a coach (me!!!). Make sure you’re accountable.


Set a realistic target. ‘Get back to the body fat percentage I was before holidays’. 


Set out behavioural targets with your coach (me!!). ‘Exercise 3 times per week’.


A new coaching course I am studying at the moment, provides some great consultation ideas, techniques and  forms which I am going to use to help clients identify areas that need improving and help motivation.


This will improve the service I provide to help clients achieve their wishes. So PT and Bootcamps will get better!!!!


Request a Readiness for Change form by emailing

I will be using this with all of my PT and Bootcamp clients, who are ready to get fit, lose fat and feel great.


Have a go and let me know how you get on.

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