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“The increase in control of my core stability has been markedly improved”

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Following an accident 14 months ago I was suddenly unable to continue with most aspects of daily life, including any form of exercise. After starting physiotherapy in September and finding myself improving slowly we decided to integrate Pilates into my rehabilitation program in order to speed up my recovery. I was quite skeptical at first as when I think of exercise it tends to involve running and sweating, as it was what I perceived to be more challenging. However, Pilates is very challenging, albeit in a different way, to my previously preferred types of exercise. Because your mind is required to engage with your body to perform the movements correctly, you experience a new awareness of muscle function and control. The increase in control of my core stability has been markedly improved.

What attracted me to the Physio4Life sessions is the fact that the sessions are done with a certified teacher in closely supervised small groups, who understands my back injury and therefore sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

Charlotte Carlsen – Physio4Life Client

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