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Running Injuries

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Running is a sport known to be good for health; it not only helps the breathing and heartbeat but it is also good exercise because it burns any spare calories.


Running keeps a person fit and active. Running makes a person thirsty, so it is important to drink water when running.
Some people may hate running because it is hard and exhausting work.


Benefits of Running


  • Health -From wanting to lose weight to trying to fight disease and aging, there are lots of health benefits to running.
  • Mental -Whether to help depression or find some time to think, there are large mental benefits to running as well.
  • Running is also fun and does not need special equipment to do it. When running, the muscles, lungs, brain, heart and other organs get better.
  • Running is often used as cross training for many sports, especially ones that require sustained endurance,football.


Avoiding Running Injuries

Running injuries are quite common among runners. Many running injuries can be reduced through proper training, wearing of the correct gear and awareness of the running environment.
Before going on a long run, do not forget to have a five-minute warm-up and some stretching exercises.
It is better to run in the morning, to avoid heat tiredness. Do not run when pollution levels are high.
Run in the shade if possible, wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen and try to avoid direct sun rays.
Too much clothing can produce sweating, which causes the body to lose heat quickly. Dress in layers. Wear the correct footwear.
When running in cold weather wear hat, gloves and clothing that covers your neck.
Try running on a straight surface.
Running on a treadmill is good too, it has the same benefits AND you can do other things while you’re running.


‘I couldn’t have done the London Marathon if it wasn’t for Russell and the rest of the team at Physio 4 Life. Painful shin splints had left me unable to run for a number of weeks before the big day, but Russell’s expert advice and rehabilitation programme got be back on track and saw me through the entire marathon – something I never thought I’d do. I can’t recommend them highly enough – and I will certainly be seeking their advice the next time around.’


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