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Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamps Putney

Say Goodbye to Yo-yo Dieting
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Get Slimmer, More Toned and Feel Energised Again!

Say Goodbye to Yo-yo Dieting

Fun Workouts in Friendly Small Groups of Like-minded People

  • Trial sessions available throughout September and October 2016
  • Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamp Packages for Mixed Groups, Ladies Only and Seniors Over 60
  • Come and join our indoor Bootcamp style training sessions in the comfort of our newly upgraded, friendly and private gym
  • Success is possible – even if everything else that you’ve tried has failed
  • Results are guaranteed within 30 days

These are the groups and times of our Bootcamp sessions

Find a time and group that suits you:

Group 1 Monday 18:45pm Wednesday 18:45pm
Group 2 Monday 19:30pm Wednesday 19:30pm
Group 3 Tuesday 09:30am Thursday 09:30am
Group 4 Monday 1215pm Wednesday 1215pm
Group 5 Wednesday 07:30am Friday 07:30am
Group 6 Wednesday 08:15am Friday 08:15am
Group 7 Tuesday 06:45am Thursday 06:45am
Group 8 Tuesday 19:45pm Thursday 19:45pm
Group 9 Tuesday 10:15am Thursday 10:15am
Group 10 Wednesday 09:15am Friday 09:30am
Seniors Monday 09:45am Wednesday 16.00pm
Extra drop in sessions:
Monday 09.00am
Friday 10:15am
Saturday 09.00am
Saturday 09.45am
Seniors: Friday 10.15am

What’s Included in Our Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamps

Our Indoor Fat Loss Bootcamps in Putney are designed to help you get slimmer, feel more toned and have more energy to deal with the stress of modern day life.  The sessions are tailored to specific groups – Mixed, Ladies Only and Seniors Over 60’s

Bootcamp package includes:

  • Twice a week Small Group Personal Training (around 6 people) in a private, air conditioned gym in the heart of Putney
  • Regular one-to-one Nutrition Coaching
  • Weight and body fat assessments/tracking
  • Your own body weight training programme that you can do at home, to help you look good and feel great
  • 24/7 Support and mentoring with Daniel Wellard, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

The Assessment

Before any training begins you are invited to attend a personal assessment with Daniel, our Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing for the assessment. Following completion of a medical questionnaire, Daniel will assess your body fat.

You will be requested to keep a food diary and the information submitted will allow Daniel to work out the best nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle (yes, you can still drink wine!). This will be a diet plan to get you the results you want.

He will recommend an exercise regime, that includes group training sessions here in our private gym and some exercise and activity you can do away from the gym.

You will leave the consultation with a clear idea of what needs to be done for the next 7-14 days.  Daniel will be on-hand throughout by phone and email to support you towards body fitness and renewed energy.

7-14 days later you will have your second assessment, during which there will be a review of your progress to date – the work you’ve done towards the programme, as well as measuring your weight and body fat. Targets will then be set for the next 7-14 days

Learn More About Our Bootcamps

Frequently asked questions

Where do the classes take place?

During your time with us you will be scheduled to attend two small group Personal Training classes. Each training session takes place in our newly refurbished, private, air conditioned gym. Some of the equipment we use includes:

– Barbells
– Dumbbells
– Kettlebells
– Hi-low Cable machine
– Pullman resistance bands

Do I need to be fit to take part?

We aim to cater for all fitness levels, as long as your mobility allows you to train. Everyone who has attended our Bootcamp Training Courses has at some time been in groups with people stronger or weaker than themselves. All Daniel asks is that you try your hardest and work to your own ability.

Will we do lots of cardio?

The training we do centres around strength and conditioning. The goal of each session is to improve muscle function, definition and strength. We are not body builders but use this method of training as it has been shown in research to be the best for fat loss and long term health.

If I’m not a member of a gym, how can I complete the ‘homework’ you set?

The programmes Daniel sets are as homework and will consider your circumstances. Previous Bootcamp clients not affiliated to a gym have had body weight workout sessions, which they can complete in the park, or at home.

How much fat will I lose?

This depends on many factors and so we cannot speculate.However, most people who do the programme and stick to the rules lose around 3-4kg in 6-10 weeks. That’s pure body fat not weight. Daniel could ask you to eat 1000 calories per day and do exercise 10 times per week and you would lose lots of weight, but it will be muscle and some fat. Plus you will probably put it all back on (and possibly more).

Do you guarantee results?

Yes Daniel does guarantee results. If you do everything he asks of you, and you are not happy with your results, he will guarantee a full refund.

That looks great, but what is ‘High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT means doing a number of short bursts of intense exercise with short recovery breaks in between. Daniel finds this is best performed on a bike, a rower, or sprinting in a park. An example would be to perform 60 seconds of sprinting followed by 60 seconds walking, and repeat this 10 times.

Why is this training beneficial for fat loss?

More and more research is leaning towards this method of training as it is more effective as a fat loss regime, compared to long steady state exercise (i.e. a 30 minute jog).

Two studies supporting this protocol for fat loss are:

  • A 2001 study from East Tennessee State University demonstrated that  subjects who followed an 8-week HIIT program (subjects dropped 2% in body fat) as compared to those who followed a continuous steady-state program (subjects had no percentage drop in body fat) on a treadmill.
  • A study from Australia reported that females following a 20-minute HIIT program, consisting of 8-second sprints followed by 12 seconds of rest, lost six times more body fat than the group who followed a 40-minute cardio program performed at a constant intensity of 60% of their maximum heart rate.

The major reason that HIIT works so well to drop body fat to a greater degree than continuous steady-state cardio appears to be due to the greater increase in resting metabolism following HIIT. Research shows that people who performed HIIT programme burned more calories throughout a 24 hour day. There is also evidence suggesting that those performing a HIIT programme for 16 weeks decreased their fat producing enzymes.

Bootcamp Testimonials


I joined boot camp on a friends recommendation for some challenging and really effective exercise.

My aim is to be fitter and healthier to be an interactive parent to my daughters and to finally shift the weight gained from bringing up small children (I’m thinking the delights of comfort food like mac n cheese and endless bowls of pasta!)

I’ve never been a gym bunny, I thrive on working out in a fun environment with friends. So boot camp is perfect because not only do you get pretty much 1:1 PT support and advice from Dan on how to do the exercises properly and most effectively, you get encouragement and back patting from your friends, lots of support and top tips on lifestyle, nutrition and healthy living, all alongside a personalised play list of your favourite tunes. It’s basically like a fun night out chatting with your friends (albeit you’re all wearing lycra) with the added bonus of getting fitter!

Dan’s classes make me feel proud of my achievements, proud of my body and my strength, and I love going along to them each week. I don’t even view it as a workout – it’s basically a great fun hangout.



Back in 2004, I was 30 years old and my second child was 12 weeks old . I felt overweight, knackered and needed to do something.

I wanted to lose weight and feel great again.

Therefore, I began training with Daniel. We trained 2 to 3 times week and he also helped me with my diet. He makes nutrition uncomplicated, and I loved his step by step approach to nutrition and long term health and weight loss. He only changed 2-3 things in my diet, per week and this had a profound effect on my weight loss and energy.

It took around 1 year to turn things around. I lost 3 stone. I felt slimmer, had more energy and felt confident with the way I looked.

11 years on, and I still feel the same way. I still train with Daniel, and still enjoy the sessions. I have sustained my weight for nearly 10 years. It has continually made me stay young and feel fabulous. Barbara



2015 was a big year for me. I am a mum of three children under the age of 4 and in the August I was due to get married to the father of my 3 beautiful children. I felt overweight, unfit and super super tired from having to be a mum to 3 kids and getting minimal sleep. I wanted to finally get in shape for my big day, but I was confused which was the best way to do this. I was also so tired that i couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to go to a gym and do things on my own

Daniel has helped me so much. He showed me simple nutritional rules that I stuck to. This meant that I was more disciplined with what I ate. but it it also meant I could still enjoy the odd glass of wine and chocolate.

Regular exercise meant I had tons more energy. Some days I was so tired, but because I was on a routine and I had Daniel to answer to once a week, and I had to be weighed and measured once a week , I did the exercise and felt so much better for it.

There were some weeks that didn’t go according to plan. Tiredness and ill children got the better of me. However Daniel was patient and very understanding and rather than tell me off he supported me which meant I was even more determined.

I went from 74kg to 64kg for my wedding. I felt so amazing with my new figure and so did my husband. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me! Julie


“I came to Dan in Jan 2014 desperate to get bikini fit for my husbands 40th, adults only, birthday trip to Ibiza. Whilst I was already very active and a relatively conscientious eater I was really unhappy with how I looked and felt and failed to see where I was going wrong.

Dan talked me through my eating habits and helped me focus on improving these. He talked me simply through the science of the metabolism illustrating to me how some of the foods I was eating and when I was eating them, was impeding my ability to lose fat.

Alongside a new eating regime were Dan’s boot camps!! I was already a keen runner  and netball player but the boot camps were fundamental in helping me tone up and burn fat and by the time it came to my husbands 40th I was pleased that my efforts had paid off. A new holiday wardrobe was purchased and I felt happy and confident partying in my bikini in Ibiza.

I have continued to train with Dan as his boot camps offer a varied and challenging work out in the company of a great group of people. Dan introduces an element of friendly competition which evokes camaraderie with your group and incentivises you to keep on improving.

Dan still keeps me on the straight and narrow with regards to diet – and whilst I occasionally stray, regular check in’s ensure I never stray too far or for too long from the “Wellhard” way.

Dan is thoughtful and considerate. He very professional and extremely knowledgeable In his field. What was only supposed to last a term has become my way of life and I feel happier, healthier and stronger thanks to Dan”. Katie


“I joined Dan’s fat loss Boot camp in January to try a different exercise programme and to lose some weight that had crept on when I wasn’t looking! I love food and have a good appetite but Dan’s outlook and food regime means that you can still eat well and you don’t just have to stare at a lettuce leaf. The training sessions in the gym are motivating and the small group sizes means that Dan watches your technique carefully so you get the most out of the classes as well as avoid injury. Dan pushes you but doesn’t bully you and is always encouraging. I have lost 6kg and my bodyfat has decreased significantly. I also feel better, have more energy and am definitely stronger.” View full testimonial here

Andrew Saunders. Lost 6.6Kg of body fat in 10

If you live in Fulham, Wimbledon, Earlsfield, Southfields, Barnes, Sheen, East Sheen or Putney and would like to know more about our Boot Camps please call our team today!


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