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Sports Injuries + Treatment Using Physiotherapy

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Many people in London enjoy participating in sports, whether it be a casual game of football, golf at a weekend, running, marathons, tri-athlon events, tennis, skiing, badminton, basketball, rugby, rowing down the thames or mountain biking. But if the worst should ever happen and you find yourself out of the game because of a sports injury then you should speak to the London Sports Injury specialists here in Putney.


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Physiotherapy is vital after injury, the sooner you get treatment the quicker you will recover. During the initial inflammatory phase (24-48 hours) physiotherapy treatment modalities will reduce damage caused. After this you must start trying to move the injured area to make sure that the nerve muscle connection is optimised (proprioception)..


Sports Injury Treatment

At Physio4life (Putney, London) we specialise in sports injuries and back pain. We also carry out postural and musculoskeletal screening to assess any muscle imbalances which may lead to further injuries.


All the physiotherapists at Physio4Life are active sports people who understand how frustrating it is when you get injured. We also have close links with leading surgeons and sports doctors so that when required further diagnosis and investigation (MRI, X-rays or Ultrasound) are obtainable your quickly ensuring your problem can be dealt with efficiently.


Sports Injury Clinic Facilities

We have seven spacious consultancy rooms, a fully equipped gymnasium and Pilates studio, all of which are used to treat your musculoskeletal problems. Our excellent facilities enable us to treat all levels of sportspeople including the elite athlete. With long opening hours Mondays to Saturdays there are always appointments available to suit you at short notice.


Video analysis, biomechanical assessment and gait system scan may be used to help diagnose dysfunction during movement, i.e. golf swing, running action, tennis serve etc. Custom orthotics may be prescribed to correct these imbalances along with stretches and exercises. Custom orthotics may be prescribed to correct these imbalances along with stretches and exercises.


Physiotherapy at Physio4Life is claimable under private health insurance.


“I am now finally on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Clare Fiore

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