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Award Winning Sports Physiotherapists London

Making the right decision; Find a sports Physio who can help

“I just wanted to thank you for dealing with my ankle so professionally and successfully. I am back to cycling full on and feeling much, much better (both physically and mentally!). I only wish that I had been referred to you from the start as I think the first two physios that I saw were not up to the job. ” – Alexander Bastin

Here to get you back in to sport

Physio4Life we have Clinical Specialists in a variety of sports, such as triathlon running, cycling, swimming, rowing, rugby, tennis and skiing. Our expert team of Sports Physiotherapists  in Putney allow you to get the best possible sports rehabilitation. We provide long-term rehabilitation to ensure you do not get this type of injury again. The majority of our sports people are what we call weekend warriors who work and play hard who take there social sport seriously. We are here to get you guys back as quickly as humanly possible and work with a number of specialist physio’s, sports doctors, rehab therapist and biomechanical experts. Physio4Life is lucky enough to look after a number of elite professional athletes and also have the pleasure of sponsoring. See our sponsored athletes page and testimonials.


Award Winning Sports Medicine London

award winning physio SW18At Physio4life in Putney one of our key specialist areas are treating sports injuries such as muscle pulls and tears. We also carry out postural and musculoskeletal screening to assess any muscle imbalances which may lead to further injuries.

Smarter Recovery

We also have close links with leading surgeons and sports doctors, so that when required, further diagnosis and investigation (MRI, X-rays or Ultrasound) are obtainable, ensuring your problem can be dealt with efficiently.

Another key area we specialise in is post operative rehabilitation. This is vital after any surgery to the joints, as this will speed up your recovery time and allow you to get back to the lifestyle you want to enjoy.


“I would like to thank all at Physio4Life for all their support this year. It is a wonderful place to go and work on my strength training and conditioning. To work with professionals in all aspects of my conditioning is important to the success I have on the golf course.” – Oliver Wilson, Pro Golfer


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physio SW18 SW18The initial visit for physiotherapy Putney will involve a 1 hour consultation where the history of your problem is taken, along with a musculoskeletal assessment and a full treatment. The physiotherapist will then tell you what needs to be done to return you to everyday activities or sport. This may include further treatment including manual therapy such as massage, electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential etc.) acupuncture, manipulation and mobilisation. It could also mean doing rehabilitation exercises in our gym supervised by the physiotherapist or rehab trainer.



Our Sports Physiotherapists

All Physio4Life physiotherapists are state registered chartered physiotherapist which means they are recognised by the NHS and all major health insurance companies.

For more information on the Physio4Life staff please see our Staff Biographies page

At Physio4life (Physiotherapy Putney) we are proud to have treated patients from all over London and even the UK. If you are looking for a registered physiotherapist with the experience to help treat your sports injuries, stiffness, lower back pains, chronic back pain, sprained ankle injury, ligament damage, running injuries, pregnancy pain, sciatica, headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, remedial pain then why not contact one of our highly trained and expert Physiotherapists.


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What is the role of a sports physiotherapist?

What is the role of a sports physiotherapist?

 A physiotherapist who specialises in working with sports injuries is someone who can help a patient with a post operative surgery rehabilitation, a soft tissue issue, illness or disability that prevents them from participating in sporting activities.

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