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Stop Wasting Money on a Health Club Membership

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This client stopped wasting money on Health Club membership he never used and invested in Bootcamp with Daniel and got the results he desired

Here is a little story from client who spent £1086 on a training session at a local health club.

You see, he wanted to lose his belly and feel more energised with life.
He runs his own business and it gets very busy and stressful. Therefore, one day, he rightly decided he needed to get fitter to help him cope with the stress. He knows from previous experience that exercise really helps take his mind off the stress of running his own business. In addition,  doing it regularly makes him feel fitter and super amazing.
He paid £500 joining fee (half price offer) to join the the health club and has been paying £230 per month, on a 12 month contract. He didn’t like the ‘vibe’ and found lots of excuses not to go. Subsequently he has only been 3 times in 12 months.
Obviously, this is not the fault of the Health Club. However, I see and hear it time and time again – people who sign up to a gym with good intentions, only to go very few times. Literally paying for a service and not using it.
Would you pay for a coffee and just leave it on the counter? Would you buy a new pair of jeans and give them back to the shop?
That’s the beauty of having a coach/Personal Trainer. You are accountable to an appointment and to someone. You also get guidance with nutrition, guidance with how to train effectively for results, and a kick up the behind, when needed.
Because you have an appointment with your coach/trainer, you attend your sessions and get your money’s worth. More importantly you feel fit and happy.
That’s why many people who do my bootcamps get results. They pay for the package, enjoy the sessions, train effectively, they are taught what to eat and have fun doing it, with likeminded people.
Now this particular client is having training with me, he does feel less stressed, his work productivity is much better and he is gradually  losing his belly.
Pity he still supports Chelski

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