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Diastasis Recti – Is it common and can it be fixed?

Diastasis Recti is a condition where the abdominal separate at the linea alba (the white line which starts from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis). Abdominal separation

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How can Osteopathy help Mums with post-natal pains?

Once babies have arrived, mothers tend to forget about themselves and concentrate on their new-borns’ wellbeing. However it is important that mothers are in good health and happy

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Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Why Pilates? Pilates is a great way to build and maintain strength before, during and after pregnancy.  Pilates works your whole body focusing on core strength and posture,

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Exercise in Pregnancy  

“Exercise in pregnancy is not the time to start a more intense exercise regime but rather continue or modify an established routine” (Sports Medicine Australia, 2002)   “In

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Pregnancy and Running

PRE-NATAL You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and you are a regular runner can you continue?  Yes!  If you are already a runner finding out you are pregnant

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