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Tamsin was born to compete, her father, Colin Lewis was a cyclist and raced in the Tour de France and the Olympics; it definitely appears that she inherited his sporting genes. But it may surprise some to hear that Tamsin is an accomplished doctor with a postgraduate qualification in Psychiatry (MRCPsych). Her specialist interest is Sports Nutrition and Psychology.


Tamsin’s first competitive triathlon was in 2007. Following a training regime of only 4-6 hours a week (due to work commitments) she won her AG at the Blenheim Triathlon. In August that same year she completed her first Olympic Distance, the London Triathlon where she finished 7th Overall. This earned her a place at the Herbalife Training Academy where she was coached by Bill Black.


At her second OD Triathlon in 2008 she qualified for the World AG Championships (Olympic distance) in Vancouver. Her training schedule was now some 7-12 hours per week and she achieved 10th place in her AG at the championship.


In 2009 she joined up with a new coach, Michelle Dillon and raced elite events in the UK. Achievements included third place at Windsor and a first at Hyde Park. She competed at the World AG Champs Olympic Distance and won a GOLD medal and finished third overall in the event.


Remarkably, Tamsin studied and worked as a doctor and psychiatrist while training and competing to earn her place amongst the worlds supreme triathletes. She turned professional in 2010 and decided to take a sabbatical from her medical career to focus fully on training with the Team TBB under Brett Sutton. Disaster struck when she suffered a broken collar bone and hamstring tear in a bike crash but she still managed to finish a close second to Bella Bayliss in her first professional race and middle distance event, the IM 70.3 UK. The rest of the 2010 season produced a mixed bag of results but despite being hampered by injury she always found her way into the top five in the professional fields.


Tamsin’s latest partnership with coach Cliff English has brought a different approach to her training. Now in her thirties, she is race fit and ready to go!

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