Thank You From Marathon Runner – Physiotherapy Testimonial

Thank you from Marathon Runner – Physiotherapy Testimonial

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‘It was fantastic! 4 hrs 22 mins! I am delighted! (But it does mean I have to aim for 4 hrs if there is a next time!) In a lot of pain today though. Day was totally brilliant. Knees held up really well, only a little pain but nothing to stop me. The main problem was the lactic acid in my IT band and every muscle in my thigh. That came on at about 18 miles and by 22 was killing! But I ran the whole way; 9 minute miling for most, then 10 mins, last 1.2 miles was 14 mins!!!!

Thank you so much for all the treatment and positive advice – worked brilliantly, and there is no way I would have made the start without it! I will be sure to recommend you to friends in need of physio treatment’.

Clare Pay, Marathon Runner – Physio4Life Client


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