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The Benefits of Sweat Testing

The Precision Hydration sweat test utilises proven medical technology. The test produces a highly accurate reading of the level of sodium loss during exercise. Once you know your sweat sodium losses you can develop a hydration strategy for optimum performance in your chosen sport.

By incorporating H2Pro Hydrate products into your regime, you will receive the most appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment before, during and after exercise. Anyone who is serious about reaching their full potential can benefit from the following:

  • Hydrate more effectively with a drink that matches your sweat losses very accurately
  • Improve physical and mental performance by as much as 20%
  • Enhance recovery after training
  • Reduce or completely eliminate cramping during training and competition


“As I am now racing in a very hot environment in the GT1, I have really noticed a difference in my hydration using H2Pro Hydrate leading up to an event and when I do the race, I feel my body is still in good shape. I had a race recently at Navarra Spain and had a stomach bug, so was quite dehydrated.  I was concerned I was going to cramp in the Sunday main race, but I didn’t, I am sure this was down to the electrolyte products.”  

 David Brabham – Le Mans Winner & Ex Formula 1 driver


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