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There will be good days, when they make good progress, but there will be times, when they ‘can’t do it’. And it will happen! – By Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Mrs Wellard and I have started watching Thirteen. It’s a BBC TV series about a 26 year old girl who escapes a house she has been held captive in for 13 years.

The first episode was very intriguing – without giving too much away, it appears the story will not follow the obvious path. There will be more to it than the police trying to find her kidnapper.

Likewise, following a path towards a goal is never as straight forward as it first appears.

Recently, I have been having a few meetings with new clients who really really want to lose weight. They tell me how much of a big deal it was for them to come and see me. They are anxious.
You see my friend, like most people, they’ve  tried to lose weight before. Tried every trick in the book and still they are unhappy with their weight.  Often they’d  have a ‘bad day’ or ‘bad week’ give up and put the weight, back on. Then a few weeks/months later try another diet.

They feel intimidated in busy gyms, but knows they needs to do exercise in order to improve health, lose the weight and ultimately not feel tired and unfit.
So, they join Bootcamp. They know what’s required and are willing to do the work I ask them too.

They will take up one of the very few spaces left in the groups. Because they now have secured a spot in Bootcamp,  and paid for it, they will come to the sessions.

There will be good days, when they makes good progress, but there will be times, when they ‘can’t do it’. And it will happen

When they fall off the wagon (and like everyone else), I will help pick her up and get her back on the wagon.

It will be tough, but she will have fun (most of the time) doing it.

They will have all the support, all the info, and regular exercise sessions booked in their diary.

They just have to – DO THE WORK!

If you’re fed up with feeling unfit, overweight and having no everyday. And you need someone to help you reach your targets, contact me for a free chat.

Call 0208 704 5998 or email admin@physio4life.co.uk more for information.

Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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