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Things can get in the way of becoming fitter, but get back on the horse as soon as you can – Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Sometimes, things get in the way of our journey to become fitter, healthier and feel great. However, the key is to get back on the horse as soon as you can.

And that’s what these ladies have done.

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• 8 weeks ago a lady who does bootcamp and PT, fractured, broke, basically ‘really hurt’ her arm playing a sport she loves. However, she is back, exercising (with only 1 fully functional arm), making progress and beginning to feel human again. WHAT A TROOPER!!

• And, last night, we welcomed back a Bootcamper who is now in her 2nd Trimester of pregnancy, and she is back exercising. WHAT A TROOPER!!

These two have something in common. Within the last 2-3 months, they’ve had moments, when they felt terrible (one suffering from morning sickness, the other in pain with a broken bone and down in the dumps).

These guys could have easily sat back and used this as an excuse to stay away from the gym for the next 6 months, eat the food that gives them pleasureand gives a temporary pick me up (chocolate, cakes, wine, bread, biscuits).

They probably did eat crap (not that they admitted anything to me!), and who would blame them.

These ladies are now back! They contacted me and asked whether they could come back to train. And now they are doing supervised exercise in my bootcamps and my PT sessions.

Yes, they cannot do all the things the other troopers can . Yes, they have to be a bit careful. But they are exercising. They follow a slightly modified training programme, they get a sweat on and they are ‘glad’ to be back in the ‘trenches’ again.

I have dealt with many clients in my 15 years as a Personal Trainer. And not many have a perfect journey to becoming fitter, healthier, feeling better and becoming more confident. There are always moments when we can’t be arsed, we pick up an injury, or just lose motivation.And this is ok, we all have these moments. We cancel sessions, we stuff our faces etc.

But, there will always be a time when you fell like resuming the journey. And when you get back on the horse, you will feel tons better. You will begin to feel a little less stressed and tired, you will walk with a spring in your step again and feel more confident.

You may even whistle if you want.

Happy Health
Daniel Wellard

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