Study Reports Elderly Men Who Did Regular Exercise Live 5 years Longer

This study reported that elderly men who did regular exercise lived 5 years longer!

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More ‘groundbreaking’ science reported by the BBC.


However, more importantly it doesn’t matter how old you are you will still reap the benefits of exercise.

senior bootcamps

The study reported that elderly men who did regular exercise lived 5 years longer!

My eldest PT client is 81 years old this year, and he is loving the exercise. He is deaf in very good shape!

I also have several PT clients in their 60’s who are also benefiting hugely from seeing me every week for a Danny Boy Training Session.

*******My goal for September is to have an over 65 year old bootcamp. 2 x 45 min sessions per week, which will include exercises to suit. I would love to host this. If I can find 4 people interested I will launch the class in the daytime. *******

If you know anyone who is over 60 years old and needs a kick up the butt and start exercising in a controlled, supervised manner, let me know. They will be exercising with people of the same age and ability. They will really enjoy the sessions and feel fantastic as they get older.



Here are the key points from the BBC Report…….(

Regular exercise in old age has as powerful an effect on life expectancy as giving up smoking, researchers say.

The analysis of 5,700 elderly men in Norway showed those doing three hours of exercise a week lived around five years longer than the sedentary. 

The report said: “Even when men were 73 years of age on average at start of follow-up, active persons had five years longer expected lifetime than the sedentary.”

However, the study comes as the British Heart Foundation publishes a report warning people are getting too little exercise.

Its analysis shows that the percentage of adults doing no moderate exercise is:

  • 69% in Portugal
  • 55% in Poland
  • 46% in France
  • 44% in the UK
  • 34% in Croatia
  • 26% in Germany
  • with Netherlands doing relatively well at 14%

Julie Ward, from the charity, said: “Regular physical activity, whatever your age, is beneficial for your heart health and ultimately can help you live longer. 

“However, our latest statistics show that nearly half of people in the UK do no moderate exercise whatsoever – a rate higher than many European countries. 

“Our message is that every 10 minutes counts and that making simple, more active changes to your daily routine can set you on a path to improved heart health.”

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