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Physiotherapist Training

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Physio4Life | London’s Premier Physiotherapy Clinic discuss the training to become a physiotherapist.


To gain chartered physiotherapist status and membership of the health professional council prospective student must complete a Bachelors of Science Degree Honours degree at university.


The course structure is designed over 3 or 4 years and involves both theoretical and practical elements in specialist areas including cardiology, neurology, respiratory, care of the elderly, community care and musculoskeletal (outpatients). Student must gain passes in all areas in order to successfully graduate.


After graduation the most common career path begins in a hospital setting with physiotherapists completing rotations through all previously mentioned specialties before deciding within which area they intend to specialize.


In some rare cases newly graduated physiotherapists specialize immediately possibly within the area of sport or military settings.


Once decided in which area to specialize many physiotherapists look to further their professional development through the completion of post graduate continuous professional development (CPD) courses or the undertaking of a Master’s of Science degree offered by some prestigious British universities.


The professional of Physiotherapy is an exciting, ever-developing career enabling the successful student the flexibility to continuously develop within their specific area of interest.


The staffs at Physio4Life are all chartered and Health Professional council registered. Many of them have completed or are working towards an MSc in their chosen area of expertise

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