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Two things you should be doing if fat loss is your goal!

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Morning everyone
Yesterday was Mother’s Day and unfortunately I didn’t manage to see mummy. However I tried to encourage my boys to be nice to their mummy. They did make her a coffee, but we’re still little buggers at times.
As part of Mother’s Day, we went to the local pub for a fantastic Sunday roast. After it, I was full to the brim. How can anyone have a pudding after that massive roast?
Wait a minute! After dinner, we tell the waitress we a full and don’t want any pudding. 2 minutes later she comes back and informs us that dessert is included in the price. What do we do?
In the end I had cheese board.
Last week I talked about cranking up training, to help us look and feel great but how can we improve the diet?
Here are 2 things you should be doing…….
Crank up vegetable intake
Your brain, which regulates when you do and do not eat, responds to both the caloric content and volume of the meal. By opting for low calorie, high volume foods like green veggies you will add a lot of volume and not a lot of calories, which makes your brain feel more satisfied on the same amount of calories.
Set rules
It eliminates decisions, and helps you stay on track. Some examples;
Eat 3 meals a day
Eat only protein and veggies
Only consume starchy carbs after a hard training session
1 pudding per week
Drink booze one night per week
These keep you from saying “should I, or shouldn’t I?”
These two things will help you look good and feel great!

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