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“Physio4Life Boot Camp gets a strong recommendation from me”

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I have just completed my Boot Camp and would like to share my success.

Overall I have lost over 17lbs of fat over the 10 week period reducing from a weight of 14.2 stone down to 13 stone.  My body fat reduction went from 23% to 16%.

My initial motivation to join the Boot Camp was linked primarily to fat loss in addition to building strength and improving overall fitness. I had got caught up in my work schedule which included a lot of travel which left little time for exercise and irregular eating habits – the time was right to make a change.

I was eager to get the maximum benefit from the Boot Camp experience and therefore I followed the program and advice from Daniel Wellard and could visibly see results within a short period.  My energy levels significantly increased and my overall feeling of health and wellbeing was high in just a short-time.  The recommended foods left me feeling more alert and energized on a consistent basis.  Additionally, I liked the regular email updates regarding food science and knowledge.

From my perspective the success of the Boot Camp was due to the strong linkage between the lifestyle eating change closely coupled with great exercise routines and of course the continuous motivation and guidance provided from Daniel Wellard.

Physio4Life Boot Camp gets a strong recommendation from me.

Shane Lowery, Physio4Life Client


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