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“My beer belly is gone, and I’m now going to have to go shopping for some new trousers!!”

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I went to Physio4Life in January for a 10 week session to try and get myself in shape (read that as remove the sizeable beer belly), and also to try and eat healthier.

Right from the very start, even before my first session, Dan had been in contact with me, letting me know how I should be changing my diet, and what I could expect from the course.  Despite a difficult (but enjoyable) first fitness session, I soon adapted to the exercises and program, so that by the end of the 10 week session I was lifting nearly double the weights I had started with on certain exercises, and generally felt and looked a lot better for it. (No falling asleep at my desk at work any more).

This was helped by the regular monitoring of progress, tracking weight loss, fat loss and muscle build as well as other factors to help drive you on to succeed.  Remember, you only get out of this what you put in, and Dan gives you what you need to do to succeed.  Put the effort in and I guarantee you will see the results.  My beer belly is gone, and I’m now going to have to go shopping for some new trousers!!

John Mcguiness, Physio4Life Client

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