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What is Sweat Testing

Perspiration varies from one individual to the next in regards to volume and electrolyte content; under the same conditions two individuals are likely to produce very different amounts of sweat and equally the concentration of electrolytes will differ. The variations in sodium loss between individuals can be substantial. This has huge implications for how much sodium a person needs to replace personally during exercise. Until recently sweat sodium level testing has been reserved for only the elite athletes backed by professional sports science laboratories. Everyone else has relied on standard sports drinks without any personalisation; the sodium content of the drink alone can vary considerably from one brand to another.

Anyone who is serious about performing at their best should know their personal sodium loss profile and re-hydrate appropriately with the correct electrolyte balance in their sports drink. Physio4Life now offers a patented sweat test technique that provides you with a hydration strategy for optimum performance in your sport. We can advise you on the most appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment using H2Pro Hydrate products to aim for when you are drinking before, during and after exercise.

The Precision Hydration sweat test utilises proven medical technology and does not require you to exercise. Sweat is painlessly collected from your forearm after the sweat glands have been stimulated in a small area of the skin. The test produces a highly accurate reading of the level of sodium loss during exercise. Sweat sodium loss is very stable in an individual; it is genetically determined and changes little throughout your lifetime, so you only need to take the test once.

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