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What to Expect Fitness Yoga

Physio4Life is an award winning clinic where we strive to offer the very best in customer service and facilities.


All of the Fitness Yoga sessions are kept to a maximum number of 8 clients. They take place in the Fitness Studio and involve mat work only. Bridget Sanderson will support, guide and motivate you through a challenging but rewarding routine. Please note that due to the energetic delivery of the class it is not suitable for pregnant women unless they already have an established yoga practice.


Guests who are attending the clinic for the first time are kindly requested to arrive 15 minutes early for their first session to get settled and to complete client registration with reception, which is necessary for insurance purposes.


For health and safety reasons, all clients must first check in with our friendly staff at reception when they arrival at the clinic. All clients should ensure they arrive on time for their class/session.


The Fitness Studio at Physio4Life is an intimate and inspiring atmosphere. We kindly ask that all clients turn off or silence cell phones prior to class as a courtesy to others.


What to Bring


We recommend our clients wear comfortable tops and bottoms for their sessions but avoid overly baggy clothes, which may hinder the ability to assess posture and assist with alignment. For clients comfort, Physio4Life provides complementary distilled water at reception but guests are advised to bring a water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated. Towels are not provided by the clinic and clients are kindly requested to bring there own to sessions.


The studio will provide all other materials for your session.


A changing room and separate shower are available for clients use.

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