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Why does it go horribly wrong at the weekend?

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“Monday to Friday, I’m really good and I feel really good – I’m in a routine and everything is great. Then the weekend comes and it all goes horribly wrong”

You know it’s happening. It’s been happening for weeks, months, maybe even years!

Let’s take a look at why this pattern is happening:

During the week you’re in a routine, and you have things under control. It’s easy to stick to good eating behaviours and regular exercise.

But then the weekend comes, and things are less predictable.

Temptations are everywhere!

You are out socialising with friends more

You drink more wine, which lowers your defences

You have dinner out and you can’t resist dessert

And then when Monday morning comes and you step on the scales …………………… AARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

You’ve gone and undone all the of the previous week’s good work.

So you give yourself a talking to and promise that next weekend…….

“I’m going to be better”.

But when Monday morning comes around again, and you step back onto the scales again …………………. AARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

So you try again……….. but the cycle repeats itself – over and over

So you see, the same triggers will always be there. So, rather than relying on willpower (it hasn’t worked so far) explore what’s causing you to blow out each weekend and PLAN A STRATEGY TO OVERCOME THESE PITFALLS.

  1. On a Friday, think about the weekend ahead and write down the 2 or 3 of the biggest pitfalls ahead (based on previous experiences) and why you think these keep coming up.


  1. Next, come up with a strategy for each one. Write it down and execute.


  1. Then on Monday morning, go back to these notes and write down a YES OR NO answer to whether you achieved this or not. And what you learned.


  1. Then, repeat the same the following week.


You may not beat each pitfall each weekend, but learn from your mistakes and try again next week!


You didn’t learn to walk straight away!!!

Happy Health

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