Why Physiotherapy Turns Back Time Better Than Anti-Ageing Cream

Why physiotherapy turns back time better than any anti-ageing cream

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Age catches up with us all eventually. Hair thins and greys, pearly white teeth turn yellow and wrinkles begin to appear as our skin becomes less tight. These are the signs of ageing that most of us worry about; things many of us are prepared to pay good money to treat with make-up or even cosmetic surgery.

But what about those other signs of ageing? Those things that might not be visible but can be much more important to our health and wellbeing?

The physical impacts of ageing

Dyeing our hair and applying make-up can mask some of the obvious effects of time, but tackling some of those more fundamental changes in our physiology is more of a challenge. Medical conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are all more likely to affect us as we get older. Sound worrying? Well, the good news is that the risk of suffering from these health problems can be greatly reduced through a healthy lifestyle.


How can a  physiotherapist help?

Physiotherapists are well placed to provide support and advice on changes to the muscles, joints, bones and cardiovascular system caused by ageing. And physios are also able to treat mature patients to:


–          Improve balance

–          Strengthen muscles

–          Ease joint and muscle pain

–          Improve posture and prevent stooping

–          Increase flexibility

–          Improve circulation

–          Reduce stress


Wellbeing is not just a matter of how we look in the mirror but a measure of how we feel. Isn’t it far more important that we pay attention to the quality of life we are experiencing rather than worrying about the number of lines on our faces? At Physio4Life we believe that clients shouldn’t have to suffer from the likes of back or neck pain. That’s why we offer expert support and a comprehensive range of facilities and services to all our clients.


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