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Chilly Start To The Day Today!

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Winter Blues Buster Smoothie Recipe

Summer berries smoothie in mason jar


Mostly start my day with a smoothie. Here is today’s recipe: 1 carrot, handful of spinach, 1 raw beetroot, ginger, tablespoon of flaxseed, protein powder and water. Whizzed up in the ever trusted Nutribullet and BISH BASH BOSH – probably 2-3 serving veg already today.


Heathy Delicious Lunch

Cooking Beetroot soup

In my lunch boxes I have chicken and broccoli as well as salmon and kale. Plus a pear, 2 satsumas and an apple. So that’s about 7 servings of veg!

That’s brings me on to today’s tip for improving immunity and reducing your chances of catching bugs and colds this winter.



Fruits and vegetables are crucial for a robust immune system because they provide fiber, vitamins—they can supply all your vitamin C needs—and antioxidants that will help the body get rid of nasty toxins.

5 fruit and veg is the common target, set by MR ‘I don’t know who’.  Many find it difficult to hit this target. So let’s start with that

And if you can push it up to 7, 8, 9 or even 10 – magic!

Happy Health

Daniel Wellard

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