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Winter is here! How to avoid injury and continue walking, running or cycling to work in winter – By Senior Physiotherapist at Physio4Life

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Winter is now here!!

Who commutes to work by cycling , walking or running to avoid the hectic rush hour on the tube? Because it is colder your muscles are having to work harder before they get warm making your more susceptible to injury. For example ITB syndrome, Achilles tendinopathy, hamstring or calf strain.
Ways to avoid this:
-Wear the correct clothing:
– I personally love this top from UNDERARMOUR to go under your layers and stops breeze coming in especially on a bike.,
– These from SKINS, again to go under your shorts or the layers.,
– Warm gloves, ideally ones with grip if cycling and I swap to ski gloves as it gets even colder, can be fiddly on a bike if changing gear often
– Wooly hat for those walkers or runners, and cyclist you could go all out with neck ears and face being covered…
-Try to warm up before leaving the house and eat a good breakfast as an excuse to make yourself get up slightly earlier rather than jumping out of bed and running or cycling straight away.
– Try to leave you clothes bag at work so not carrying extra weight when running/ walking or on the bike.
-Women: DON’T wear your heels as the frost and ice comes, commute in comfortable footwear with grip.
– Don’t let this cold weather stop you from commuting this way.
-Same things apply for those that will be starting their training for the London marathon as the cold weather comes in.
Anyone else have any suggestions of different clothing they like to use through the winter to keep themselves warm while commuting or travelling?

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