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Exercise Metabolic Test (EMT)

Exercise Metabolic Test

Hamstring Injury – “managed to get round my 69 mile race without even a hint of pain”

After all the rehab, I managed to get round my 69 mile race this weekend without even a hint of pain in that area

Ideas for Vegetable Side Dishes With Your Protein

vegetable side dishes to have with your protein

Hydration Strategies : Watch our video

  About our Hydration Strategy Talk Physio4Life welcomed H2pro Hydration Specialist, Jonny Tye to Physio4Life’s fantastic free clinic open day on Sunday 9th March 2014. Jonny talks about

Nutrition for Sports

Nutrition for Sports Performance & Fat Loss Daniel Wellard, Head Personal Trainer at Physio4Life leads an informative discussion on this important topic on nutrition for sports performance and

Training Periodisation

In this video Fiona Ford discusses training periodisation.

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