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Benefits of Reflexology

When athletes compete, it affects the whole body. Reflexology helps to balance and relax the main organ systems in the body: 🔹 cardiovascular 🔹respiratory 🔹integumentary 🔹and lymphatic, which

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Open Day – Sunday 8 April 2018

Open Day – Sunday 8 April 2018 Our Open Day welcomes both new and existing clients (ts&cs apply), to join us on your bi-annual open day. We have

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Stop Ignoring Running Pain

All well and good if you’re at mile 25 of your marathon and are planning on taking a well-earned break after the race, but if you ignore a

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Why should athletes have Sports Massage?

Massage has been around since early civilization in many cultures and is the earliest form of physical therapy on record. It is still being used today and there

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Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Our London physiotherapists can help treat your sports injuries.   Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes participating in sporting events. In many cases, these types of

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Muscle Tension

What is Muscle Tension?   What is Muscle Tension? Muscle tension is a condition in which muscles in the human body remain semi-contracted for an extended period of

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Sports Injuries + Treatment Using Physiotherapy

Many people in London enjoy participating in sports, whether it be a casual game of football, golf at a weekend, running, marathons, tri-athlon events, tennis, skiing, badminton, basketball,

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How can physiotherapy help with headaches and migraines?   Physiotherapy and Headaches The most common human nervous system disorder is the headache, which is an umbrella term used

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Calf Pain

Calf pain is a very common problem amongst runners, and if not managed properly can become a chronic and debilitating recurring condition.   Basic Anatomy The calf is

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