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Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation

Physio4life clients and athletes deserve customized, adaptable solutions when injury occurs or chronic pain impairs movement and performance. Pilates is the perfect way to help recover, rehabilitate, and

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Desk Worker Niggles – Neck, Back and Hip Pain?

Do you sit at a desk and get on and off niggles in your neck, back, hips? ………Then this article is for you!! Pilates is seen as something done

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5 Reasons Why ‘Real Men’ Do Pilates

  ‘Real men’ play rugby or football, some may even box or bike, but you’d never catch a genuine male of the species taking part in a Pilates

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Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Why Pilates? Pilates is a great way to build and maintain strength before, during and after pregnancy.  Pilates works your whole body focusing on core strength and posture,

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Exercise in Pregnancy  

“Exercise in pregnancy is not the time to start a more intense exercise regime but rather continue or modify an established routine” (Sports Medicine Australia, 2002)   “In

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“I feel stronger and more supple through my midsection, my posture feels great and I have no back pain”

Before starting Pilates I regularly suffered from a stiff sore back despite staying fit…

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“Physio4life has given me excellent treatment and support”

Physio4life has given me excellent treatment and support, providing a combination of physiotherapy…

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“my posture and lower back strength has improved”

Since my back injury in 2003 which required surgery I have found Pilates classes an enjoyable step…

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Mark Watkin, Captain London Rowing Club – Professional Endoursement

Rowing relies heavily on core stability in the torso region and relaxation of all the major and minor muscle groups…

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“The increase in control of my core stability has been markedly improved”

Following an accident 14 months ago I was suddenly unable to continue with most aspects of daily life…

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