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Stretching vs Strengthening for Runners

A shift has been occurring in the running world over recent years. This transition has been from the generations old notion that stretching is the most useful tool

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Dry Needling – for painful and tender muscles

Dry Needling London at Physio4Life Dry Needling Can Reduce Pain Related to Trigger Points in Muscles Dry Needling – also know as Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling – is

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Osteopathy vs. Physiotherapy

This article is aimed at answering a question that I get asked almost every day in practice ‘Which is better Osteopathy or Physiotherapy?‘. Having myself completed both physiotherapy

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My Marathon Experience by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Jade Blake

This time last year I was becoming very nervous about the London marathon and I am sure you will all headed to the Excel centre to collect your

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Flat tyres? Rusty parts? Grease and oil change? Maybe you need a tune up at physio4life by Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

In the last few weeks we have seen an increasing amount of people in the clinic with lower limb injuries, mostly marathon training related but not restricted to.

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It’s All In The Hips

One thing I see a lot of in clinic is peoples inability to bend from their hips. The ability to do this may clear up a lot of

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Knee Pain Treatment Putney

Have you suffered a Knee injury or are in pain? We see a lot of knees, whether it be a trauma, onset for no reason or post operatively.

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Ankle Pain Treatment

Have You Suffered An Ankle Injury? Physio 4 Life is a specialist pain clinic in Putney with a team of expert physiotherapists, massage therapists here to help you

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