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Here’s 5 ways that Massage Therapy helps keep you happy and healthy through the winter months

Winter comes with a unique set of physical and mental challenges. Massage therapy can help you combat many of the health issues the winter season brings Building regular

Dry Needling – for painful and tender muscles

Dry Needling Can Reduce Pain Related to Trigger Points in Muscles   Dry Needling – also know as Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling – is a specialist technique that

Pilates Trial Session – Special Offer

Pilates Trial Sessions with 50% Discount If you are new to Pilates why not take up this fabulous offer and receive 50% off your first session.  Pilates makes you look

Put A Spring In Your Step This Autumn

Confused by the Choice of Weight Loss Programs and Diet Tips? When I searched ‘Amazon UK’ for books on losing weight, the results delivered a choice of over 108,000

Marathon Runners It’s That Time Of Year Again!!

Your marathon training whether it be for the Paris, London, Rome, Madrid or another marathon your training should be well underway, but it isn’t easy… Dragging yourself out

Case Study: Lower Back Pain

Symptoms & Assessment: A man in his 7o’s presenting with sacroiliac joint and possible herniated disc problems. Treatment After a course of physiotherapy treatments to release soft tissue around

Case Study: Post-Natal Lower Back Pain

Symptoms & Assessment: Julie, a 38-year-old woman, developed debilitating middle and lower back and shoulder pain following the birth of her third child. Treatment: An MRI scan confirmed

How’s Your Running?

Running Analysis – The Low-down We regularly get asked, “Is it possible to change my running technique if this is the way I have ran all my life?”.

Osteopathy vs. Physiotherapy

This article is aimed at answering a question that I get asked almost every day in practice ‘Which is better Osteopathy or Physiotherapy?‘. Having myself completed both physiotherapy

Why does it go horribly wrong at the weekend?

“Monday to Friday, I’m really good and I feel really good – I’m in a routine and everything is great. Then the weekend comes and it all goes horribly

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