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“I’m running faster than ever – beating records I set when younger. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Giles reveals how fit and slimmer he’s become since doing Daniel’s Bootcamp Programme “I’m 43, and am by some distance as fit as I have ever been. This

How to Treat that Tennis Elbow by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Rebecca Lang

I have recently listened to a podcast, from clinical edge physiotherapy, with an Australian Doctor on this condition. It reminded me of some interesting points in relation to

“The reason why 90% of people who lose weight, put it back (and more!).” – By Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Daniel Wellard

What she’s doing now she’s hit a weight loss plateau I want to share a story about a client of mine who is experiencing a frustrating weight loss

My Marathon Experience by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Jade Blake

This time last year I was becoming very nervous about the London marathon and I am sure you will all headed to the Excel centre to collect your

Feeding and Latching Difficulties By Physio4Life’s Osteopath Pierre Meslet

We often underestimate how challenging breastfeeding can be at times. It is a skill that cannot be mastered prior to the arrival of your little one. In the

Does Your Drink Fit?

We aren’t complaining…but with the weather improving and temperatures rising, make sure you are on top of your hydration when training. We know we need to replace electrolytes,

How to really start your week from the weekend phase of “I’ll start on Monday……….” By Daniel Wellard, Physio4Life’s Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Morning my friend I’m going to help you get you reset your mind for the week ahead. That’s if you’ve had a weekend of too much wine, chocolate

Physio4Life continues partnership with CHX to offer 10% on Luxury Mountain Bootcamp Experiences

Physio4Life continues partnership with CHX to offer 10% on Luxury Mountain Bootcamp Experiences July 17th to 24th and  July 31st to August 7th Physio4Life have teamed up for the second

Chamonix Hard Cross Physio4Life Offer

Partner Chamonix Hard Cross Offer 10% discount off MSRP for Physio4Life customers Intro – Who we are CHX has been born from a passion for the mountains

Its All In The Genes – By Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

Mr Colin Natali recently popped into the clinic to give our physiotherapists’ some up to date information on degenerative disc disease (DDD). Mr Natali is a leading orthopaedic

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