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Dry Needling – for painful and tender muscles

Dry Needling Can Reduce Pain Related to Trigger Points in Muscles   Dry Needling – also know as Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling – is a specialist technique that

Marathon Runners It’s That Time Of Year Again!!

Your marathon training whether it be for the Paris, London, Rome, Madrid or another marathon your training should be well underway, but it isn’t easy… Dragging yourself out

How’s Your Running?

Running Analysis – The Low-down We regularly get asked, “Is it possible to change my running technique if this is the way I have ran all my life?”.

Osteopathy vs. Physiotherapy

This article is aimed at answering a question that I get asked almost every day in practice ‘Which is better Osteopathy or Physiotherapy?‘. Having myself completed both physiotherapy

Why physiotherapy turns back time better than any anti-ageing cream

  Age catches up with us all eventually. Hair thins and greys, pearly white teeth turn yellow and wrinkles begin to appear as our skin becomes less tight.

Simple Stretching Exercises For The Office

[text_output] Some simple exercises from Physio 4 Life that you can do from your work station. [/text_output]

How to Treat that Tennis Elbow by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Rebecca Lang

I have recently listened to a podcast, from clinical edge physiotherapy, with an Australian Doctor on this condition. It reminded me of some interesting points in relation to

My Marathon Experience by Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist Jade Blake

This time last year I was becoming very nervous about the London marathon and I am sure you will all headed to the Excel centre to collect your

Its All In The Genes – By Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

Mr Colin Natali recently popped into the clinic to give our physiotherapists’ some up to date information on degenerative disc disease (DDD). Mr Natali is a leading orthopaedic

Is Foam Rolling A Part of Your Regime? – By Rebecca Lang, Physio4Life’s Senior Physiotherapist

Is foam rolling apart of your regime? After exercise muscle soreness and tightness is not uncommon. Self myofascial release (SMFR) and massage is emerging as a popular technique

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